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Availabilities in the next few weeks

You’ve been avoiding going deep on the UX and styling of charts

The whole chart aspect of your project has so far been falling behind on everything else…

It was on your list, but it’s been put off to later.

But now, “later” is coming up “soon”.

chart of today, deadline, chart?

“I just have too many specialties to master”

On your project, you have to wear all the hats. You go deep on all these topics. But your involvement with charts has stayed superficial. No choice!

What’s been IN

  • Domain modelling
  • UI, Flows, Onboarding
  • Testing, CI
  • DB Performance
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Landing Pages, Content Strategy

What’s been OUT

  • Charts: styled, performant, clear, well-coded

It’s time for charts to go back in the IN section.

The responsibilities have been piling on…

For your project, you’ve crossed that line. Too many things are up in the air and the deadline is coming close.

“If only someone could just take over the chart part”

Chart of responsibilities growing
With Pascal's Help

Too many “I’ll just”

You’ve crossed those first chart-related to-dos off your list, but there were too many “I’ll just”

  • “I’ll just use chart.js, but the animations are off-putting
  • “I’ll just load that data set on a view property, but it’s slowing down the time-to-first-byte
  • “I’ll just settle for a multi-line chart but there should be a clearer way to present this

Your high taste is found everywhere throughout your app, but the charts don’t match that taste.

You’re ready to fuss on the details, but the learning curve…

  • If only you had someone to help you learn the ropes, just more quickly…
  • If only you had the code for one perfect chart, you could do the same for all the others…
  • If only you had something pretty close that you could tweak

Let’s try a week together

For one week that your pre-purchase (availabilities listed below), I’ll be around to code the chart you’d like.

  • It’ll be coded in chart.js, or in d3.js, or in raw svg+html
  • It’ll be outside your codebase, I’ll invite you on a repo I’ll create on my GitHub account
  • It’ll be licensed MIT on that repo, but the repo will be private between the two of us
  • You drive the decisions, I implement and I make it good
  • We will communicate over GitHub issues and a GitHub project
  • I’ll have a private URL previewing the chart
  • You’ll provide a sample of the data, or I’ll prepare some random data (say, to match a sketch you provide)

Start here

Weeks available for pre-purchase

Inquire about the next available week

Here’s how the week could look like

Your main involvement: provide to-dos and review the work.

On Monday, I’ll ask you to add a to-do. Something specific that can get the ball rolling so that…

On Tuesday, you’ll get a note about the first task being done, for you to review. For the next tweak, I’ll ask you to make a new to-do, and I’ll get on it.

On Wednesday, another to-do done for you to review, we’ll probably turn our attention to one specific aspect of the chart, because we’ll enter the home stretch…

On Thursday, a small tweak or two are in, you approve or make another to-do for the next thing…

On Friday, another small to-do or two are done for your review, and we’re wrapping it up. I’ll send you a zip file of the code and the preview output.

At any point during the week

  • You have access to the code and the chart preview
  • You can add to-dos in the “For Consideration” column. Only one to-do will be in the “To-do” column at a time.
  • You can provide sketches, data samples
  • You can upload videos of your screen, which are quick to record

At every point during the week

  • You will be available for reviewing the work, providing new to-dos. I only work on one to-do at a time, and will put it in the “To Review” column when done.

A month after the week has ended

  • I’ll close down the repo and shut down the preview URL

Some fine print

There are industries I won’t serve. I won’t serve the adult content industry. I won’t serve the cryptocurrency/NFT industry either. Black market? No. If I decide I can’t work for your industry, you’ll get refunded and I stop the work.

Also, I won’t sign an NDA or a non-compete for my work in this by-the-week service.

The secret menu

Something Bigger

If you’d like to partner up on a bigger project, where getting the charts right will create revenue or reduce costs, will depend on a strong ability to craft good user experiences and understanding buyer motivation (jobs-to-be-done)…

Justin Ménard, CEO of, about us working together:

“When we were looking for someone to build our portal (where our customers access charts on Ed Tech products), we turned to Pascal to put our idea into action. Pascal understood our concept, translated our vision into an app with charts and a way for customers to purchase a subscription. Now we have a place to showcase and sell our data.”

Or, something smaller

If you’d just like quick help on a chart you’re building, I’m sometimes available on short-notice for a two-day async consultation where we exchange screenshare videos to get you unblocked. Check out for availability. Just introduce yourself as coming from

See me build charts in public

As I work on, a way to scaffold ready-made charts in your Rails app built with Bullet Train, I’m posting on Mastodon about my progress. See you there?